TTTTTo Tell The Truth
TTTTTogether to the Top (gaming movement)
TTTTThese Things Take Time
TTTTTable Top Truck Trials (hobby)
TTTTTuesday Tiny Techie Tips
TTTTToo Tired to Type (online chatting)
TTTTTekken Tag Team Tournament (video game)
TTTTTa Ta Till Then
TTTTTeaching Technology Through Tradition
TTTTTulip Time Towncrier Tournament (Holland, MI)
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Because the crossing design produced stocks that differed in a regular, ordered way in the proportion of genes from one or the other pure stocks, linear contrast codes were assigned to stock categories in the following way to extract the additive component of trait inheritance: (contrast code follows stock) TTTT, -2; TTTW, -1; TTWW, 0; TWWW, 1; WWWW, 2.
The pattern of results was consistent with those of phase I (the pure stocks bracketed the range of growth rates with TTTT having the highest rate and WWWW the lowest), but low growth rates and high variance in phase II replicates probably obscured genetic differences among stocks.
This stock also had a 30% lower proportion immature than the TTTT stock in phase II (Fig.
During the initial period of population growth, the TTTT and TTTW stocks appeared more female biased than the others.
There was no significant difference in minimum size among stocks except in the May census period, where the adjusted minimum size of WWWW females was 12-14% larger than the females of TTWW, TTTW, and TTTT stocks.
Mississippians often flock to the former Ford dealership near the intersection of Highways 72 and 25, a popular TTTT location in Iuka.
Different crystalline forms have been described that possess chains with TTTT or TTGG chain conformations.
s-PS, as noted earlier, crystallizes both into all zigzag TTTT structures and TTGG helical structures.
Our study of melt-spinning s-PS produced glassy/mesomorphic fibers at low drawdown ratios/stresses and TTTT [alpha]-structure at higher drawdown ratios.
The crystallographic form of melt-spun s-PS evolves from glassy/mesomorphic to TTTT [alpha]-form by increasing drawdown ratio/spinline stress.
amp; Henn) composite of races QFCS, QTHJ, RCRS, TPMK, and TTTT.