TTVMATaiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturer's Association
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The Taiwanese delegation led by TTVMA will also visit major automakers in China, including Beijing Automobile Works.
Lee, representative of TTVMA and vice president of the Yulon Motor Co.
Actual export numbers were surely higher, however, since manufacturers who are not members of TTVMA do not report their exports to the association.
A decision-making executive of two car assemblers--Yulon Motor and China Motor--as well as several reinvested auto-parts suppliers, Chen is also charged with mapping out goals for the TTVMA during his tenure as chairman, and is obliged to know well Taiwan's advantages in the auto industry, future market trends, and the probability of Taiwan-based carmakers to go global to counter low new car sales in Taiwan (around 250,000 units a year).
Perhaps diverting from reality, and excusable given Chen's obligation to tout Taiwan's automotive industry, the TTVMA chairman did not mention the island's years of experience in OEM car-making and assembly, instead promoted as the third advantage Taiwan's considerable capability in product-differentiation and development.