TVCATierra Verde Community Association (Florida)
TVCATaiwan Venture Capital Association
TVCATualatin Valley Community Access (Oregon)
TVCAThai Venture Capital Association
TVCATreasure Valley Cycling Alliance (Idaho)
TVCAThink, Value, Communicate, Act
TVCAThames Valley Climate Action (Oxford, UK)
TVCATualatin Valley Cable Access (Oregon)
TVCAThrust Vector Control Actuator
TVCATank Volume Change Act
TVCATunisian Venture Capital Association
TVCAToekomstige Verwijderingsstructuur Chemisch Afval
TVCATuckahoe Village Civic Association (Richmond, VA)
TVCATees Valley Christian Alliance (Tees Valley, England, UK)
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According to the TVCA Yearbook (2003), a major source of funds during 2002 was from corporate investors.
For the energy brief, the TVCA requests the replacement of Hartlepool Power Station be pushed forward and development of carbon capture sites.
The TVCA rightly looks at the next 10 years as a single project, albeit one with many strands, and as with any such undertaking, a SWOT analysis is a key component.
It is reassuring to know Mayor Houchen is prioritising jobs and it will be a tremendous achievement if TVCA secures the estimated 25,000 new jobs by 2025.
Before considering how TVCA should implement its plans for education, employment and skills, it is important to consider these areas in the context of how they can support and be supported by other initiatives.
And the TVCA says it's not unusual for a mayor to have a trusted sidekick.
They did not consult about the change, no public meetings were held to enlighten the public about the duties of the TVCA, in effect the public did not know who or what they were voting for, in essence democracy was turned on its head.
With this latest mayoral anathema and accompanying TVCA, I get this dreaded sensation of deja vu.
CUTTING through the spiel of our photo-op mayor, Dave Budd, referring to the PS15m payment to the TVCA, what will it really be spent on?
I was told by TVCA that the deal has not yet been agreed and that while negotiations were in progress, any terms to ensure that Peel/DTVA fulfilled their side of the bargain were confidential.