TVCSThrust Vector Control System (US NASA)
TVCSTorrens Valley Christian School (South Australia)
TVCSTri-Valley Central School (Grahamsville, NY)
TVCSTest Valley Community Services (Hampshire, UK)
TVCSThree Vortex Combustion System (Kubota)
TVCSTrend Virus Control System (software; Trend Micro, Inc.)
TVCSTemecula Valley Charter School (Canada)
TVCSTerrorism and Violent Crime Section
TVCSTeays Valley Christian School (Scott Depot, WV)
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Users say that TVCS can process streams of disparate video and audio into an easy-to-understand, actionable format to be immediately available for review.
The Marine Corps program manager for training systems (PMTRASYS) is rolling out TVCS at training areas.
The first TVCS became operational in May 2010 at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Under the terms of the contract, Harris Information Technology Services will provide all network hardware procurement and design, and will install and test the TVCS at 10 Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training sites in the continental US, as well as five sites outside the continental US.
The ultra-low particulate combustion concept of the new DL06 engine is based on a combustion chamber employing the Ricardo TVCS concept to improve homogeneity of air-fuel mixing, adequate air-fuel ratio at all conditions by balancing the EGR rates and boosting system match, and high fuel injection pressures and appropriate nozzle specification for good atomization.