TVFATotal Volatile Fatty Acids
TVFAThames Valley Features Agency (Reading, England, UK)
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05) higher in the goats fed with LF diet, while the acetate, propionate, butyrate and TVFA were not statistical different (P greater than 0.
05) between diets, while P-A, H-P and H-A concentrations of propionate, isovalerate and TVFA were higher (P less than 0.
3% of net PDV appearance of propionate, butyrate, isobutyrate, isovalerate and TVFA for LF and HF
Net gut plus hepatic output of acetate, propionate and TVFA were higher (P less than 0.
This was more obvious in the present study since values of TVFA, SN/TN and NPN/TN were greatly correlated with the sensorial properties of the mature cheese.
Values of TVFA, s and ammonia-nitrogen were significantly higher post feeding with 3 hours.
Similarly, propionic and butyric acid concentrations were at higher levels in the same groups relative to the control, but only at 3 and 24 h, as well as higher TVFA concentrations at all times of incubation except 9 h (p < 0.
Individual and TVFA concentrations were also significantly increased via the addition of L.
2011) showing the positive correlation of individual and TVFA concentration with C[O.
The total gas production and tVFAs concentration also were decreased by the addition of CLA-FFA and nano-encapsulated CLA-TG at the initial incubation times.