TVHAThames Valley Housing Association (London, England, UK)
TVHAThames Valley Health Authority (UK)
TVHAThe Varmint Hunters Association (est. 1991)
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As we will see below, in the early years of the development, the TVHA consistently worked on a variety of fronts to ensure that all residents developed shared norms about the need for an orderly neighbourhood.
Throughout the 1960s, the TVHA issued editorials in the Bulletin and distributed Resident Information Services (RIS) Bulletins in mailboxes calling on residents to not transgress the rights of property owners.
While the TVHA readily defended the fenceless design of the neighbourhood, it also worked to ensure that residents shared the norm of not entering another's property without permission.
83) As always, the TVHA placed faith in experts' abilities to address any lawn care problem.
The TVHA implored residents to partake in myriad activities, from swimming to sewing with the Village's chapter of the Red Cross to attending meetings, exercise classes, and stag parties.
88) Such techniques ranged widely, from the Bulletin itself to welcome tea parties to the Thorncrest Village crests that the TVHA offered to attach to residents' cars.
Residents served on committees that approved house designs, used the Bulletin to police behaviour, and fostered a sense of belonging through the activities of the TVHA.
TVHA said the system will make it more efficient and more responsive to customers and enable it to avoid some of the problems associated with growing a business.