TVPSTest of Visual Perceptual Skills
TVPSThames Valley Positive Support (UK)
TVPSTeam Value Profiling Services (Bangalore, India)
TVPSTelio Voice Production System
TVPSTelevision and Video Production Services (Swansea, Wales, England, UK)
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Retain the TVPS as backup power station and provide clarity to the Tasmanian gas market.
The TVPS, MVPT and VMI: What influences a therapist's choice?
To determine concurrent validity of COMFORT-B, TVPS and AHTPS, the correlation with NRS pain was determined using Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient.
The TVPS had a moderate correlation with both NRS pain (r=0.
For the TVPS, a score [greater than or equal to] 2 resulted in a sensitivity of 0.
Table 3 reports the estimated [theta]s from regression (2) using each of the credit proxies CR, TA, NW, BR, and TVPS for each of the ten events.
As outlined at GBE Estimates last year, Hydro is considering the option of divesting the closed cycle gas turbine at the TVPS and running the remaining turbines as peaking units.
For this work in 2015 two 52-hour TVP available, in May and November 2015 In addition, two TVPS be requested for 2016.
2 take a group of not less than 400 and not more than 550 workers w / in service TVPS.