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TVRITelevisi Republik Indonesia (Indonesian state-owned TV station)
TVRITotal Vascular Resistance Index
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Many people hope TVRI can be more alive again,' said Helmy as quoted by tribunnews on Tuesday (11/27).
2002 Broadcasting Law--requiring all stations except TVRI to broadcast
By means of NControl Lite, TVRI can rapidly carry out file-based operations such as ingest, segmenting and playlist creation.
However, most commercial channels ignored this state request because of the potential loss of revenue from selling airtime to advertisers, leaving only TVRI to highlight the political parties.
Jamal, 30, a cameraman for the Indonesian state broadcast network TVRI, was kidnapped on May 20 by unidentified gunmen at his office in Banda Aceh, the administrative center of strife-torn Aceh Province.
Il n'est pas surprenant que des emissions de television, produites par les stations regionales de TVRI Balikpapan et Samarinda ou sur le reseau national de TVRI, a partir de Jakarta, aient ete consacrees aux Benua' Isuy et a leurs traditions culturelles, notamment aux textiles ulap doyo, qu'ils sont les seuls a produire (Guerreiro 2001).
The practice of using government properties to start their private business was continued by Tutut in the mid 1980s, when she set up her own television station, TPI, by using the TVRI studio in Jakarta, without paying full rent.
He also wrote the scripts of various television programmes, such as the television film (telesinema) Xiao Qing (broadcast by the commercial television station RCTI on 22 January 2004), the series Puan (Madam, broadcast weekly by TVRI from 2003 to 2004), the miniseries Nyai Dessy, Nyai Imah (Concubine Dessy, Concubine Imah, broadcast by TVRI in 1999 and 2001), the film review programme Lintasan sinema Indonesia (Indonesian cinema flash, broadcast monthly by TVRI from 1997 to 2000), the television bulletin RCTI RCTI (broadcast fortnightly by RCTI from 1996 to 1998) and the sinetron Sang pengibar, sang pengobar (The flag waver, the inspirer, broadcast by TVRI in 1997).
The company intends to develop the TVRI properties as a special economic zone as part of its property development initiatives, the company said.
The use of the highly flexible and scalable automation system will enable TVRI to control a range of third-party equipment and quickly deliver a high-quality on-air presentation to viewers.
Apart from 2 units of gas-fired power plant (PLTG), UBP Priok operates 6 units of diesel power plants (PLTD) in Senayan operating in 1961 to supply electricity to the People's Congress (MPR) building, the Gelora Bung Karno Sport Complex and the state television station, TVRI.