TVSSTransient Voltage Surge Suppressor
TVSSTactile Vision Substitution System
TVSSTourist Victim Support Service (Dublin, Ireland)
TVSSTennessee Valley Scottish Society (Scottish appreciation group; Huntsville, AL)
TVSSTransit Video Security Systems (Owego, NY)
TVSSTime-Varying State Splitting
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The product family includes combiner boxes from 8 strings to 36 strings with the typical options like integrated DC Disconnect and TVSS.
Esto podria aplicarse a otros problemas, significativamente al de si los pacientes que usan el TVSS ven o simplemente "ven" (un rortiano "de hueso colorado" propondria pensar en terminos de la descripcion mas util), o incluso a la cuestion de si el problema de Molyneux tiene una solucion que no sea esencialista y que no implique su descripcion en terminos de la "tradicion platonico-kantiana" a la que, segun Rorty, pertenece Locke.
A TVSS protects sensitive electronic equipment from power surges.
The first results, obtained with the first version of TVSS that was tested on adults, showed that without any training, the subjects--blind and blindfolded-sighted alike--were able to perceive some simple targets; turn toward the targets; discriminate horizontal, vertical, or curved lines; and point out the directions of moving targets (Bach-y-Rita, 1972).
TVSS is the second most important safeguard against power-related damage.
Advanced Sensors only participated in Demo II, and then only with the TVSS.
Passes UL 1449: UL TVSS 1449 specifies that product must survive a grueling series of 6000-volt impulses--far higher than anything it will ever face in the real world.
Identify the existence or not of needed lightning protection (or TVSS protection for 480 VAC and below) age and condition of equipment with current device ratings and connection configuration, loss-of-phase protection, equipment labeling, plus all other types of protective devices.
Lineas de producto: UPS, reguladores, no breaks, aire acondicionado, plantas de emergencia, TVSS, paneles fotovoltaicos y termosolares, recubrimiento aislante de calor y regulador de flujo luminoso.
Spikes and Transients -- typically addressed with low-pass filters, TVSS, and clean grounding
DESIGNED FOR SERVICE ENTRANCE APPLICATIONS and distribution systems that provide power to critical equipment, the Model SDX is the TVSS designed for the most critical applications.
The study focuses on the key challenges, drivers and restraints for the World TVSS market.