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TVWThis Valley Works (Total Action Against Poverty; Roanoke, VA)
TVWWashington State Public Affairs Network
TVWThree Valleys Water PLC (water supply company; UK)
TVWTennessee Valley Winery (Loudon, TN)
TVWTesting Validation Worksheet (emergency response evaluations)
TVWTop Video World (San Francisco, CA)
TVWTowed Vehicle Weight
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1 describes a typical TVWS network as an overlay on a broader terrestrial broadcast TV network.
He said TVW volunteers also supported the Haji and Mutamir Gift Organization by distributing its gifts such as umbrella, water, juice and shoes among the guests of God.
TVW provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of Washington state legislative sessions, Washington Supreme Court hearings and other public affairs events.
Claire Martin, TVW contracts officer, added: "It's about raising the aspirations of young people - getting some structure back into their lives and showing them that they can achieve things.
Lawrence (1995) Developing Health and Wellbeing in the Nineties, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the TVW Institute for Child Health Research, Perth, Western Australia.
When TVW began, Heck assumed the justices would have no interest in having their proceedings televised, so he never even bothered to contact them.
He was last seen wearing a beige jacket and brown work boots, and has access to a red Ford Mondeo, registration S302 TVW.
Bower of TVW Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Perth, Australia (BMJ 315[7118]:1260-65, 1997).
The Seattle Host Organization for the World Trade Organization and TVW, the statewide public affairs network, announce a new agreement for television coverage of premiere WTO Ministerial Conference events.
In addition, TVW, the state's public affairs network that provides "gavel-to-gavel" coverage of the Legislature, is offering television coverage of political debates in Spanish this year.
Podcast subscribers can download legislative deliberations (about one hour after they conclude) using Apple iTunes[TM] or similar software, or via the TVW Web site, and listen to those deliberations at their leisure.
a programming coordinator asks in the TVW control room as technicians switch from camera to camera, checking the lighting.