TVYPTelevision and Young People (UK)
TVYPTeme Valley Youth Project (UK)
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The North-East delegates were selected for TVYP through their answers to competition questions, including describing their ideal job in television and what new TV programme they wanted to make.
TVYP director Simon Harrison said, ``Big Brother was obviously a huge ratings hit and popular with our audience.
I'd recommend anybody who wants a career in TV to go for the TVYP event at Byker Grove and get an idea of what it is like at Edinburgh.
Getting a TVYP on your CV can make a big difference to your career.
Contact TVYP Application, GEITF, 1st Floor, 17-21 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3QN or log on to www.
TVYP covers directing, presenting, writing and all stops in between - and it's a great opportunity for young Scots who want to talk TV, not just watch it.
TVYP has certainly made a difference in the past - Blue Peter's Romana D'Annunzio met the programme's editor there and James Doherty, who was there in 1993, went on to be one of Brookside's scriptwriters