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TW3That Was the Week That Was
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Even TW3 method, which the respondents have adopted, admittedly has error margin of +/- by six months.
In fact, would TW3 be commissioned in these times of political correctness and fear of giving offence?
While older fans will know Sir David from satirical Sixties shows TW3 and The Frost Report, which launched the careers of the two Ronnies and John Cleese, in 2008, he was introduced to a new generation and immortalised in the film Frost/ Nixon.
The results of a Tukey test for the coatings showed that only OW1 and TW3 had a similar adhesion on different wood species.
COMEDY Connections didn't do TW3 justice but it did remind us of a time when TV satire had teeth.
He devised, produced and directed the legendary That Was The Week That Was, or TW3 as it became known, television programme in the early 1960s.
All US NA/ Two Morneau Sobeco Centre NA Toronto, Ontario M3C TW3 Canada www.
Sealed bids can be sent to WGOA chairman Jim Boothby, 33 Park Avenue, Hounslow, TW3 2LY.
No show before and few since courted as much controversy as the satirical TW3, a programme which spawned an entire family of satirical shows.
John Tuttle, president and chief executive officer of the Company, will be featured on "Tech Valley Report," a weekly television program airing on Time Warner Cable's TW3.
Suddenly, TW3 became one of the BBC's most watched and talked about television programmes, with an audience of twelve million.