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TWAMTools With A Mission (UK)
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This will be held at the Windsor Arms Hotel on Windsor Road in Penarth, and Martin Humphries, executive director of TWAM, will be speaking.
Iain Watson, director of TWAM, said: "The Hatton has an important role in the cultural landscape of Newcastle and as part of Newcastle University has had a pioneering role in the history of art teaching.
Bill Griffiths, head of programming at TWAM said: "We are committed to working with healthcare partners to unleash the power of museum collections to have a positive impact on people's lives.
TWAM is also running the Wall Community Champions scheme by which volunteers patrol and inspect stretches of the monument for signs of damage.
The section of waggonwayis a fascinating and significant find," said TWAM curator Ian Whitehead.
Only in the last few years has TWAM won funding to begin the job of sorting and cataloguing the mass of information, ranging from shipyard board minutes to ships' plans, production records and photographic collections.
John Coburn, TWAM digital coordinator, said: "Hidden Newcastle isn't like your average city guide and the things you'll hear about aren't the types of people and events which are commemorated with a blue plaque on a building - these are strange, dark and forgotten stories and characters which we've brought back to life.
Alex Croom, keeper of archaeology at TWAM, believes the hoard was an offering of thanks by Fabius.
Bill Griffiths, TWAM head of programmes and chairman of the North East Historic Environment Forum said: "Culture Track demonstrates how heritage has the power to engage, inspire and improve quality of life.
John Coburn, digital coordinator with TWAM, said: "The app contains stories about people who lived in Newcastle between the 17th and 19th centuries.