TWAMPTwo-Way Active Measurement Protocol
TWAMPTime-Weighted Average Month's Program
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The MiNIDs were placed at intermediate measurement points and multiple eNodeBs, where TWAMP support is not otherwise available.
There is an increased demand in the market for the in- depth data collected via the TWAMP functionality, which further enables service providers to proactively identify and remediate issues on the customer LAN, said Jennifer Kidd, VP of Business Development for Edgewater Networks.
Today Shenick's full TWAMP capabilities can test and monitor what's happening on a network right down to an individual flow basis for a variety of different applications; voice, video and data.
Several of our customers have standardized TWAMP as the test of choice for measuring the health of a network," said Mike Nielsen, vice president at Ciena Corporation.
As the first open standard protocol that enables the accessibility of IP performance metrics, TWAMP provides two-way, or round-trip, measurements between various network elements.
Verizon's policy is to support open network environments and the development of open network standards and protocols, such as TWAMP, which would facilitate the exchange of traffic or control information between service providers and between different vendor platforms," said Dr.