TWBTeachers Without Borders (Mercer Island, Washington)
TWBTween Brands Inc. (stock symbol)
TWBTailor Welded Blank (welded vehicle body components)
TWBTranslator's Workbench (software)
TWBTaxable Wage Base (Social Security)
TWBToowoomba, Queensland, Australia - Toowoomba (Airport Code)
TWBThe Whiteboard (web comic)
TWBTonight with Bradman (TV show)
TWBTranscribed Weather Broadcast
TWBThree Wire Bus
TWBTeens Westward Bound (Mooresville, NC)
TWBThe Washington Bureau (news TV services)
TWBTime Warner Building
TWBTeeny Weeny Bladder
TWBTeam Wind Blade (gaming clan)
TWBTwin Bed (various companies)
TWBThree-Way Boolean
TWBThe Wind Blew (gaming)
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The new TWB plant will laser weld different types of high strength grade steel to create material used for heavy-duty truck rail assemblies that is stronger and lighter, with better crash performance.
Paula Shannon, CSO and Senior Vice President of Lionbridge, was a founding board member of TWB and continues in the capacity of advisor.
TWB uses best in class solutions that include XML authoring, DITA, and customized implementation of 'off the shelf' products such as Author-it.
The results presented in this paper have shown that at the deep drawing of a tailor-welded blank, the main parameters concerning formability (specific strains and thinning) and energy balance are very close to those specific for a monoblock part with the same thickness as the TWB.
Translators without Borders recently launched their online Translation Center, an automated platform through which NGOs approved by TWB can request translations, and TWB translators can accept and deliver the work on a pro bono basis.
We collectively take responsibility for running TWB professionally," he says.
TWB - Peckinpah western bloodbath TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the BBC drama series.
Bangalore, Apr 3 (ANI/Business Wire India): TWB Institute of Professional and Technical Communication (TWB), India's leading organization for Technical Communication Education and Training, released a larger education portfolio, offering a complete range of professional and employment-oriented programs.
Whether produced with different types of materials or the same material having different thickness, the stronger material in the TWB will resist deformation more than the weaker material, causing a welding line displacement in to the stamped part.
Training availability of MadCap's entire suite of products through TWB