TWBAThe Whitest Boy Alive (German band)
TWBAThe Whole Bolivian Army (band)
TWBATranscontinental World Boxing Association
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Sophie graduated with a Masters in Advertising and Design from Leeds University in December 2009, and has since interned with TWBA, worked with TRO as a Diageo Account Executive and spent two months in Spain fitting out a boutique hotel for a local interior design firm.
Tambien va a estar Ana Maria Olabuenaga, de TERAN TWBA, que es la primera vez que va a exponer ante un auditorio de mil mujeres.
The second INFERNO was purchased due to increasing demand for commercial and feature work at the facility, including the now-famous Taco Bell "Talking Chihuahua" commercial campaign by TWBA Chiat/Day, which was digitally animated in INFERNO by Michael Killen.