TWCATexas Water Conservation Association
TWCATeledyne Wah Chang Albany (Albany, OR)
TWCAThe World Calendar Association
TWCATime Warner Cable Austin
TWCATime Warner Cable Amphitheater (Cleveland, OH)
TWCATraditional Wing Chun Academy (martial arts; various locations)
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With the MOEA's approval, the TWCA can issue certificates for business clients to access the integrated e-invoice service platform through the Commerce Department's eTax portal.
TWCA said businesses given its certificate can use e-banking services offered by various financial institutions, including transfer money to facilitate payment and collection.
In April 1990 Hall, a 13-year veteran of TWCA, approached company president Al Riesen and ethics officer Jim Ferguson with concerns about the way the company was producing the zirconium alloy tubes that are later made into fuel rods.
Just over two years later TWCA and Hall settled out of court.
For years TWCA was the main supplier of zirconium alloy tubes to companies such as General Electric, which made the tubes into either water rods (used to slow nuclear reactions in reactor cores) or fuel rods.
With the zirconium industry operating at 60 percent capacity, TWCA managers were in "a panic," as one engineer stated under oath, to find an improved process to manufacture corrosion-resistant tubes for boiling-water reactors.
According to data offered by the TWCA, it has been estimated that demand for water has increased more three times in the past 50 years, and will continue to increase in the decades ahead.
TWCA recognizes and promotes plants that can thrive using limited amounts of water, helping to preserve our water resources.
TWCA co-ordinator Norma Chennells said: "The setting up of the TWCA was the culmination of two and a half years of hard work by Topss North East and the Learning and Skills Council Tyne & Wear.
This is a very exciting time for the TWCA and we are hopeful that a second round of advertising in the Chronicle will prove as successful as the first and will result in an equally high calibre of applicant for these important jobs.
Bob Little, regional development officer for Topss North East, said: "We are delighted that the hard work put in by Topss and the Learning and Skills Council paid off so handsomely and that the TWCA is now well on in its development.
The recruitment of all of the network development officers will allow the TWCA to take its work to another level.