TWDCThe Walt Disney Company
TWDCThe Woodlands Development Company (Spring, TX)
TWDCTyne and Wear Development Corporation (est. 1987; UK)
TWDCTorino World Design Capital
TWDCThe Water Delivery Company
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Around this time Mr Balls, geneticist Prof John Burn, writer Matt (now Lord) Ridley, and Linda Conlon who also worked at the TWDC, came up with a plan for a centre celebrating the emerging science of genetics that would be part visitor centre, part laboratory, part small business hub and part conference centre.
deferral of all amortization payments of loans granted by indirect subsidiaries of TWDC until a revised maturity date in December 2024 (previously 2028); and
million paid on the Company's previous line of credit with TWDC.
1) Amount drawn in the First Half from the standby revolving credit facility of [euro]250 million granted by TWDC to the Group.
Fiscal Year 2013 (unaudited) September September (EUR in millions) 30, 2012 Increase Decrease Transfers 30, 2013 (unaudited) TWDC Loans 1,231.
to the waiver by TWDC of these fees for the last three quarters of fiscal year
First Half 2013 (unaudited) September March 31, (EUR in millions) 30, 2012 Increase Decrease Transfers 2013 (unaudited) TWDC Loans 1,231.
DELIGHTED TWDC manager Paul Buie, who is delighted to be hosting the 10th edition of the event
On September 18, 2012, the Group announced the refinancing of its debt, excluding debt already extended by The Walt Disney Company ("TWDC"), with new financing provided by TWDC and two of its French subsidiaries, for an overall amount of [euro] 1,332 million (the "2012 Refinancing").
Paul Buie, manager of TWDC, said: "We have around 150 contact centres in the North East, varying in size and offering a wide range of inhouse and outsourcing services, and this is an ideal opportunity to champion the valuable contribution these companies make both locally and nationally.
TWDC is a major film distributor with recent successes including "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", "Toy Story 3" and "Alicein Wonderland".
Left, David Pattison, of TWDC, with Emily Dunn from healthcare specialist Neuropartners, which was helped to a new site on the Team Valley