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The TWEB Incident Area Command Control Network is simple to use, easy to deploy and can provide instant communications for disaster relief in any setting and under the most extreme circumstances," said Keith Money, COO of F4W, Inc.
The IACC's interoperability provides the local TWEB connection with any system or network throughout the world as well as other TWEB IACC Networks.
The TWEB networks are deployed using a fully distributed, secure IP-based architecture providing real-time asset management in a zero infrastructure network.
TWEB users are the network; providing effective communication when existing communications infrastructures have been destroyed or do not exist.
The TWEB Incident Area Command Control Network is simple to use, easy to deploy and has proven to provide critical, immediate communications for the U.
Tactical Wireless Emergency Broadband and TWEB are trademarks of F4W, Inc.
Tactical Wireless Emergency Broadband, Video Wireless Emergency Broadband, TWEB and VWEB are trademarks of F4W, Inc.
F4W's TWEB VoIP network is a rapidly deployable wireless communication system designed to provide secure phone services.
Allan Edwards, CEO of F4W, said, "In an area of vast devastation with no traditional phone lines, cell phone or public safety radio services, the F4W TWEB network will provide critical communications for relief agencies and a lifeline from the disaster area to the outside world.
Based on recent company announcements, OTC Bulletin Board: TWEB has obtained a strong BUY opinion by PHSERVICESINC.
TWEB has approved the statements made in this report.