TWENThe West Education Network
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See generally WESTLAW, PROFESSOR'S QUICK GUIDE TO TWEN (2008), available at http://lscontent.
From these experiences and conversations, it appears that law professors routinely link CALI lessons to the professors' course websites hosted on Westlaw's TWEN site.
126) By routinely posting past exams and sample answers on TWEN, law professors would eliminate this element of confusion and decrease library administrative time.
129) The static, centralized board offered on TWEN is better than a "pushed" email group because it is easier to keep track of discussions and refer to and archive past exchanges.
Setting up the course used to take several hours at the beginning of the semester, but as I have become more adept with TWEN and because I have a course structure with which I am comfortable, the time demands have declined.
The instructions in this section are for the January 2014 version of TWEN on a computer, not a mobile device.
To follow these steps, you must first be logged in to TWEN and viewing the course for which you would like to add a playlist.
If a link to the new page does not appear, you need to change your TWEN course settings for the links.
A grading rubric for writing assignments will be placed on the class TWEN site.
Additional information on this assignment will be posted on TWEN.
Alternatively, you can use the discussion group capabilities at West's TWEN site.
West's TWEN Web site offers a variety of options to use in developing a virtual classroom.