TWFGTechnology Works for Good (Washington, DC metropolitan area)
TWFGTransaction-Wait-for Graph
TWFGThe Walter Fedy Group (Lakeland, FL)
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The biggest issue for TWFG was getting the new policies processed in the timeline required.
With the vendor selection process so limited, TWFG went about the difficult job of getting the installation completed as quickly as possible.
TWFG then had to get the policies printed, mailed, and out the door along with billing to the mortgagees and with agent copies.
TWFG had no choice but to meet the deadline, which was imposed by state regulators, if the company wanted to retain its homeowners' clients.
Some of the difficulties faced by TWFG involved the quality of the data from the old policies.
Above 100 pages explore the multi-faceted operations of TWFG which are showed just below the Start A Quote link with Find an Agent, Become an Agent, and Report a Claim.