TWFRSTyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (Northern England, UK)
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Unit costs are relatively low at PS16, but Safetyworks" has the highest net cost of any TWFRS diversionary activity at PS150,662; a third of this is running costs including rent and utilities for the building.
TWFRS propose that the centre be kept open if "significant co-funding can be reinstituted", but if not the centre will need to close.
TWFRS is currently commissioned to deliver Prince's Trust programmes in three areas but it is the most expensive to deliver of all youth activities at a gross cost of PS287,090.
But TWFRS states as it is not explicitly focused on fire objectives, if funding stopped then so too would the programme.
Making our community safer and ensuring those most at risk have the awareness and resources to keep themselves safe is at the heart of everything TWFRS does and it's going to be my job to work with colleagues to build upon the great work we already do and better understand those activities that work well, replicate good practice in other areas within our service and work together to develop new partnerships and initiatives.
It's going to take a great deal of trust building and hard work to achieve it, but TWFRS have always relished the opportunity to do everything that we can to keep our community safe.
If you are involved with a community group or charity and would like to explore the possibility of joint working with TWFRS, contact Shaun at shaun.
In the run-up, TWFRS decided to test its working practices against the IIP criteria of 196 performance markers and three key principles of plan, do and review.
In support of the event, TWFRS hosted a breakfast at Newcastle South Community Fire Station, which allowed the service to show its continued support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
Clare Maddocks, diversity and resources manager at TWFRS, said: "Participating in the 2009 Northern Pride event provided the service with a forum to dispel these myths and engage with the community to provide key safety messages.
Kevin Hepple, area manager for community safety at TWFRS said: "Smoke alarms save lives.
TWFRS has invested heavily in community safety, carrying out free fire safety checks to homes at greater risk of a fire.