TWHFTripterygium Wilfordii Hook F (Chinese herbal medicine)
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TWHF extracts were supplied by Zhejiang DND drug factory (batch number 0802702, Zhejiang Xinchang, China).
Wilforlide A, serves as a quality control standard of TWHF, content of drug-loaded and drug-free were determined by HPLC (Shimadzu LC-2010C, Japan) equipped with an ultraviolet (UV) detection operated at 210 nm and a Shim-pack VP-ODS (250 mm x 4.
TWHF-SLN were diluted in distilled water and TWHF was dispensed in 0.
Therefore, it was revealed that TWHF-SLN prepared by this method could achieve higher drug incorporation for lipophilic drugs like TWHF.
Compared to the TWHF group, TWHF-SLN can significantly reduce rat paw volume at 60 mg/kg (p < 0.
Elevated spleen coefficient of TWHF and TWHF-SLN (H) may be related to excessive immunosuppression.
TWHF exerts anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting PG synthesis, so PG levels in serum were determined.
These symptoms existed in 4 or 5 cases in each TWHF group and 3 or 4 cases in each TWHF-SLN group, few of TWHF-SLN (H) have returned near normal.
However, the livers of mice treated with free TWHF appeared hyperemic and mottled and were fragile.
However, the testis of mice treated with TWHF appeared atrophied and suppurated.
The present study compares the effectiveness of free TWHF and TWHF-SLN treatment adjuvant induced arthritis, and it is of interest to see that the anti-inflammatory activities of TWHF-SLN are stronger than those of free TWHF during the results of foot swelling and the determination of PG.
In our paper, the proliferative inhibitive effect of triptolide, the main active component of TWHF, on breast cancer cells was studied and differential cytotoxic mechanism of triptolide towards estrogen-sensitive MCF-7 versus estrogen-insensitive MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells was discovered.