TWRATennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
TWRAThird World Relief Agency
TWRATrans-Pacific Westbound Rate Agreement
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Information and records provided by the refuge and TWRA were used to construct a historical timeline of key events for employees and resident elephants.
The boats were then taken by trailer by trained TWRA personnel to the disaster area.
The new facility will have a more flexible design and will include a long-term use agreement to better meet TWRA s long-term goals.
The TWRA has supposedly been working on a quail restoration plan for the past three years, but still hasn't finished it.
We have developed a strategy for optimum habitat development of the population of the deer in Tennessee, thereby, which the TWRA will be able to decide how many hunting licenses to be issued in the state.
With this in mind, Ratajczak was convinced the TWRA could come up with a sampling methodology to be used across an eight-county region in south-central Tennessee.
We are giving notice of resignation today to TWRA, effective January 1, 1999.
Once the report was released by the Department of Agriculture, the TWRA issued the import permit to allow Lota and Misty into the state.
Deemed in Need of Management" refers to any species or subspecies of nongame wildlife which TDEC or TWRA believe should be investigated in order to develop information relating to populations, distribution, habitat needs, limiting factors, and other biological and ecological data to determine management measures necessary for their continued ability to sustain themselves successfully (analogous to Special Concern utilized in some states).
While specific land use will be determined by TWRA, the conservation easement permits public use of the property for low-impact activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and hunting.
To inventory turtles, TWRA has adopted a sampling protocol which includes the use of hoop nets, traps, and basking surveys (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, 2005).
On the heels of the surveys of archers and other hunter groups, the TWRA launched a test marketing campaign during the fall of 2006 called "Break Free Tennessee.