TWSCTwo-Way Stop-Controll (roadway intersection)
TWSCTenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee
TWSCTaiwan Water Supply Corporation (Taichung City, Taiwan)
TWSCTheale Water Ski Club (UK)
TWSCThames World Sculling Challenge (est. 1831; UK)
TWSCTrilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (Denmark, Germany and Netherlands)
TWSCThe World's Slowest Comeback (band)
TWSCTotal Weighted Square Correlation
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Lee and Scriven (8) attempted to determine the stable operating region of TWSC experimentally.
Gutoff and Cohen (12) pointed out several possible approaches to improve the performance of TWSC.
Previous researchers found that as the viscosity of a coating solution increases, the minimum wet thickness also goes up for both slot die coating (14) and TWSC (4).
The operating window, or the stable and uniform coating region, for TWSC of single layer was investigated by Lin et al.
Another sector being targeted by TWSC is children's food.
Mr Edwards said it had been 'painful' but TWSC was now starting to break even.
Until now, it appears that there is no adequate method to predict the flow field in the coating bead region of TWSC because of the close proximity of the die lip to the moving web.
The geometric parameters of the TWSC system used in the mathematical analysis are labeled on the schematic diagram shown in Fig.
Equations 8, 14, 15, and 16 constitute the mathematical model of TWSC.
Since most coating defects are three-dimensional in nature, there is no theoretical tool available to determine the coating window, and to evaluate the minimum wet thickness, particularly in complex flow geometry such as TWSC.
The TWSC experiments were performed on a pilot coater.
The successful operation of TWSC depends strongly on the die lip geometry.