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TZSTanzanian Shilling (ISO currency code)
TZSTrans-Zeatin Secretion (biology)
TZSTucson Zoological Society (Arizona)
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TZS ) is a Tianjin-based PRC listed company with a registered capital of RMB 724,244,412.
Besides cash income earned from fish farming, about TZS 119,904,043 was spent to hire labour, particularly for pond construction (Table 3b).
Partners with TZS, Inner Mongolia Power and Hohhot City to Manufacture and Deploy SunPower C7 Tracker for Inner Mongolia, Other China Regions
shilling against the US dollar impairing the TZS denominated assets on
BERLIN, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology provider TZS and the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in future will embark on research and development projects within the framework of a joint venture.
Already in December 2009, TZS was able to tap Prof.
TZS, a member of AGT International and an expert in the field of urban management, contributes its cutting-edge technology and global experience with integrated communication solutions in cooperation with SAP's "Future Public Security Center.
The signing of the contract between TZS and SAP regarding the cooperation in the Living Lab "Future Public Security Center" lays the foundation for the continuous extension of research in the field of urban management.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- TZS today announced the launch of its business operations in Germany as prominent information technology experts gather in Stuttgart for an "Open House" event one day ahead of this year's national IT Summit on December 8.
TZS is a specialized technology company dedicated to building creative solutions to effectively and efficiently manage complex urban environments and to address the emerging challenges of European public safety.
TZS is officially launching its business operations in Germany on the eve of the national IT Summit in Stuttgart this week.
I have no doubt that TZS will emerge as an important player in creating new and innovative solutions to the increasing challenges of tackling public safety and security.