TZTTe Zijner Tijd (Dutch: in Due Time/Course)
TZTTorhoutse Zwemclub Thor (Dutch swim club)
TZTTianjin Zhongtian Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (China)
TZTTallon Zek Times (gaming website)
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Designed to make the benefits of video communication available to the general public, Aethra has developed the world's first video-payphone system, in cooperation with TZT (Tianjin Zhongtian Telecommunication Co.
0 Oligo [2-hydroxy-2-methyl-l-[4-(1- methylvinyl)phenyl]propanone] Esacure TZT 1.
are currently in the process of developing and evaluating a metallurgical flow sheet by combining conventional processing equipment with the TZT Trical Process, which has been successful in producing ilmenite products of superior quality to those obtainable by conventional separation processes.