TAARTilt-Rotor Air-to-Air Refueling (US Air Force)
TAARTrace Amine-Associated Receptor
TAARThe Traverse Area Association of Realtors (est. 1935; Traverse City, MI)
TAARThe Automated Agency Report (techonology newsletter)
TAARthoracoabdominal aortic replacement
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Table 16: Klk consonants exemplified ph pheep 'father's ch cheel 'goat' sister' P paan 'path' c caam 'skin' b baal 'hair' j jib 'tongue' th theer 'hand' s saat 'seven' t taar 'star' s sis 'head' d daan 'tooth' s saak 'wood' th (ithyil) 'to stand up' r raat 'blood' t khatan 'short' 1 loon 'salt' d daak 'back' w waat 'came down' ich khaal 'to eat' y yaal 'to come' k kaal 'year' m maam 'mother's father' 9 goor 'horse' n naam 'name' ch chiir 'milk' n cunil 'wrote' c dracum 'rieht' n an(g)aar 'fire' Table 18: Klk vowels exemplified a siir 'sun' aa naam 'name' i sis 'head' a nam 'nine' ee treer 'woman' oo goor 'horse' a dar 'door' u dur 'dust' aa daar 'husband's uu duur 'far' brother' Table 19: Klk imperfective vs.
According to Steve Anderson of the TAAR Report "Free, Public Wi-Fi Can be Dangerous to Your Health
He expressed these views in inauguration ceremony of newly constructed Government High School at Taar on Saturday.
Working with commercially available predator and prey urine (used by gardeners to keep pests out of their crops and by hunters to mask their own scent or as lures for prey), Ferrero discovered that one of the 14 TAARs, TAAR4, detected the odour of several carnivores.
PROMOTION FACE OFF Taarabt tangles with Cardiff striker Craig Bellamy TAAR VERY MUCH Adel Taarabt slots home his second to level for Neil Warnock's men
Her film, Playing The Taar will be screened on March 8 at the 7th IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television) Asian Women's Festival at the India International Centre.
TAAR FOR THAT: Adel Taarabt seals the win with his penalty GO ON, SON: Heidar Helguson (blue) powers home QPR's and his second goal of the afternoon
SEEING RED Ephraim is sent off TAAR VERY MUCH Adel Taarabt whips in a cross for QPR despite the attentions of Griffin and Kebe
HAVING A PADDY: Kenny speaks his mind after Craig Bellamy scores TAAR VERY MUCH: Adel Taarabt scores Rangers' winner against the Bluebirds
During his voyage, the PML-N chief stayed at a private safari park Taar Waro Shikargah, which is owned by one of the most influential families of the region.
TAAR VERY MUCH Adel Taarabt battles it out with Forest's Paul McKenna
TAAR VERY MUCH: Adel Taarabt tucks his penalty past Paul Rachubka