TAARATriple A Amateur Radio Association
TAARATrade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act of 2002
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En cuanto a la competencia comunicativa, en los pueblos encuestados se encontraron tres tipos de situaciones: a) lenguas que estan en serio proceso de perdida, con un alto numero de no hablantes, numerosa competencia parcial en lengua nativa y competencia normal minoritaria: ette taara, kofan, saliba y palenquero; b) lenguas por debajo del promedio de competencia en lengua nativa de los pueblos encuestados, con sectores significativos de no hablantes y de personas con competencia parcial, y competencia normal que apenas alcanza la mitad de la poblacion: wiwa y tikuna; c) lenguas fuertes, con alta competencia normal en lengua nativa y bajo numero de no hablantes y de hablantes con competencia parcial: tule, wounan, puinave, kurripako, sikuani, kubeo y tukano (Mincultura, 2009, p.
Taara Marie Funderburk: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
Subs (not used): Alnwick, Huddlestone, Gunter, Taara bt.
The Mega Show Bazaar, organised by the Kerala Social and Cultural Association, is being presented by Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram-based Taara Arts.
Comparten una misma lengua, el ette taara, y aseguran provenir de un ancestro mitico comun: Yaau.
A diferencia de lo que sucede en esta y otras lenguas indoeuropeas, un hablante del ette taara puede asegurar "haber sonado" (issa ooyori), pero no "haber tenido suenos" (tuve un sueno / I had a dream).
While both traditions of the House claim to be ancient indigenous pre-Christian traditions transmitted from generation to generation, the Taara tradition, for a short time in the mid-1920s, organized as a national religious tradition.
Harry Lewis, aged six, Taara Doherty, aged five and Keira Doherty, aged seven, enjoyed themselves at the event.
In all other sentences of (7) however, the adverb taare (derived from the verb taara 'gather', see discussion of [31], [37] below and note 3) can be used before the da-NP, specially with a stative form as in (7b), a transitive verb and its direct object as in (7c), a locative phrase as in (7d), etc.
The ancient Estonian folk religion, reconstructed in Romantic form was manifest on various levels, assuming a more concrete form among the followers of Taara faith, built on similar Romantic notions (see Deemant 1988).
Tenders are invited for mission kakatiya-phase-iii- restoration of taara kunta/ tharla kunta asmathpur village, manchal mandal, ranga reddy district (2nd call).
Ian Cris Tocle (10) from Philippines, Taara Shenali Perera (13) from Sri Lanka, Hashwata Sathish (6) from India were declared winners in the instrument, singing and dance categories respectively.