TACNTexas Association of Christian Networks (prayer network)
TACNToyota Automobiel Club Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Toyota Automobile Club; est 1992)
TACNTurkish Association for the Conservation of Nature
TACNTactical Air Control Net
TACNTactical Area Communications Network(s)
TACNThe Amazing Captain Neato (bulletin board system)
TACNTetrAmine Copper Nitrate
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The idea of the tacn or the swadu is the idea of representation itself, of the display of symbols in the organization of narrative meaning.
In this particular case, explicit headings also distinguish the signs for books used during divine services -- "para boca tacn pe mon on cyrican to god cundun peowdome notigan sceal", like antiphonaria [8, 'gradual'], maesse boc [9, 'sacramentary'], pistolboc [10, 'epistolary'], troper [11, 'troper'] and langwyrpe boc [12, 'rectangular book'], from the books that were used at matins -- "para boca tacna pe mon aet uhtsange notian sceal" -- bibliodece [29, 'bible'], martirlogium [30, 'legendary'], oper boc .