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We're building a community of schools committed to becoming living laboratories for innovation in teaching and learning, who are interested in collaborating with their peers to drive student engagement to new heights," said Michael Furdyk, co-founder of TakingITGlobal.
We firmly believe in the importance of offering environmental engagement opportunities to young people, and are pleased to work with TakingITGlobal to create a more sustainable future," says Katy Dobbs, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Staples.
Investments should be made in the Non-profit Enterprise and Sustainability Team (NESsT) and TakingITGlobal (TIG), two global organisations that will play a key role in providing support services to telecentre networks.
TakingITGlobal Youth Association - Defining Moments: Discovering our Canadian Stories
Department of Education to inspire and recruit teachers, a partnership with the British Council to drive access to education around the world, and the continuation of the Shout program with the Smithsonian Institution and TakingITGlobal - this year's focus will be on water conservation and caretaking.
Microsoft Partners in Learning, the Smithsonian Institution and TakingITGlobal are continuing to expand the Shout program, which was announced at last year's Global Forum in South Africa.
TakingITGlobal, Global $116,000 to educational programs, incorporating artistic expression, online tools and resources, and a global 40-day challenge to engage students in minimizing their ecological footprints.
s Partners in Learning today announced a strategic partnership, called Shout, with the Smithsonian Institution and TakingITGlobal at an elite gathering of 500 educators attending the sixth annual Worldwide Innovative Education Forum (IEF).
TakingITGlobal envisions youth everywhere actively engaged and connected in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.
These sponsors include Ministry of Economy in Poland, Institute of Industrial Design, Energa Group, Orange, TakingITGlobal, XNA Game Studio, Lenovo, Bradesco, Windows Embedded, Microsoft Central Marketing Group, Microsoft Interoperability, Microsoft Office Labs, Windows Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft Office of the Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Accessibility, Microsoft Learning, Microsoft/web, Windows Mobile and Microsoft Research.
Jennifer Corriero, the co-founder and executive director of TakingITGlobal
Jennifer Corriero, executive director and co-founder of TakingITGlobal, moderated a lively, interactive discussion with the following panelists: