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Liverpool's seen some big changes I'm sure that each one of us knows Things like the Echo Arena A place for conferences, meetings and shows We have a wonderful new museum Right there on the old Pier Head The city it seems is on the up and up When the doomsayers thought it was dead Grand liners nowhave their own terminal Great shopping in Liverpool One But someone''s big dream has been shattered And by Christmas this dream will be gone Our morals once more in the spotlight Our city the talk of the nation And sadly by middle December There'll be no Virgins around Lime Street Station by Ian Kenyon, Huyton
New "imagination-staggering" computer technology was already becoming the talk of the nation in the 1950s.
African-American World weaves together resources from PBS archives, including All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and the Tavis Smiley Show to create an online mosaic of African-American history and culture.
Talk of the Nation with host Neal Conan is known for intelligent and thought-provoking discussion.
Dickinson also hosts a bi-weekly feature called "Ask Amy" on NPR's Talk of the Nation show and is a featured panellist on NPR's game show "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me".
The drama was the talk of the nation last night and dominated TV and radio news programmes.
She has appeared frequently as a language expert on radio and television programs, including The Today Show, CNN, and NPR's Talk of the Nation.
The fatheroffour became the talk of the nation when he was caught helping Major Charles Ingram cheat his way to the top prize on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
State officials are unconvinced: With 70,000 people being taken off the health rolls, Micah Rasmussen, McGreevey's press secretary, said on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation, "the state is at the point where they can't make the investment.
The Tykes were the talk of the nation only five years ago when they won promotion to the Premiership but were relegated after just one season, then slumped into Division Two last season.
As for Brookings' author Terry Moe, I must disclose that I clobbered him in a debate several years ago on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation show on the subject of his 1990 book, Politics, Markets, and America's Schools, a propaganda clunker touting school vouchers.
Williams has won an Emmy Award for his television documentary writing, and has contributed features to Fortune The Atlantic Monthly, Ebony, GQ and The New Republic He is a regular panelist on Fox News Sunday, host of America's Black Forum and host of NPR's Talk of the Nation.