TAPLINETrans-Arabian Pipeline Company (Gulf to Zahrani, Lebanon)
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partitioned Palestine, TAPLine abandoned plans to connect Dhahran to Haifa, relocating the terminus to Zahrani, Lebanon.
Both are closed, but could be rehabilitated as emergency outlets, although this would require intensive investment, in the case of the 60-year-old Tapline in particular.
Nigel Ackroyd and John Tapline are joined by members of staff to launch their marketing campaign.
uk go psychedelic with marketing director Nigel Ackroyd as Austin Powers (left) and managing director John Tapline as Dr Evil
A large number of GIs were claimed in vehicle accidents on Saudi Arabia's Tapline Road--dubbed "Dead Man's Alley" by truck drivers.
In 1971, as part of the Tehran and Tripoli price agreement, a new transit agreement emerged between Syria and Tapline that would double Syrian revenues at full capacity.
29) Douglas Little, "Pipeline Politics: America, TAPLINE, and the Arabs, Business History Review 64 (Summer 1990), pp.
The closure of the canal was a severe blow to the supply of oil to the western world, and the problem was compounded in 1970 by the accidental rupture of the Saudi tapline, closing it and cutting off a substantial amount of the Saudi oil supply.
Capable of carrying 300,000 barrels of oil per day, TAPLINE was the largest facility of its kind in the world until the Trans-Alaska pipeline was completed twenty-seven years later.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Laying, Testing & Commissioning Of 11/22 Kv Underground Xlpe Cable (Xlpe Cable To Be Supplied By Dgvcl) With Cable End Termination & Straight Through Jointing Kits ( To Be Supplied By Contractor) Zone C: Parekh Fadiya To Fire Station Tapline (Project No.
But with trouble erupting in Mandate Palestine, Tapline adjusted its mark and angled the line up to Sidon, Lebanon.
From 1956 to 1963, he worked as an assistant public relations director for the Trans Arabian Pipeline Company TAPLINE.