TAPPSTexas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
TAPPSThinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving
TAPPSTraining and Accreditation Programme for Postgraduate Supervisors (Robert Gordon University; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
TAPPSToronto Association of Police and Private Security (Canada)
TAPPSTennessee Association of Professional Process Servers (est. 1988)
TAPPSTennessee Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling
TAPPSTransportable Assembly Perimeter Protection System (Army Digitization Information Infrastructure-2001)
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Fire in the former Tapps |pub in Dewsbury town centre.
Tapps was founded in June 2010 and is engaged in the development of games for iOS and Android platforms with successful applications over the app stores, including Numberlink, Nautilus, Snake, RopeBot and a series of Tappy's - our mascot - games.
TAPPS does not allow sports to be played on Sundays, the day Christians traditionally go to church.
The theoretical framework for this study revolves around problem solving, the role of metacognition, the impact of verbalization on thinking, and TAPPS.
At Cardiff Magistrates' Court, prosecutor Mike Evans said: 'Mr Tapps said to the traffic warden 'You put that on the car and I'll take your head off.
Based in Dallas, TX, the Tapp brothers began their careers as professional freerunners at the age of seventeen, regularly providing stunt work for movies and commercials.
TAPPS shouldn't be able to point to an ill-treated Jewish school to show their tolerance.
Whimbey and Lochhead (1986) offered TAPPS as an instructional technique that can improve students' self-regulation during problem solving.
Next Generation platforms such as TappS NSC let service providers migrate existing services onto a single platform, lower operational costs, and grow revenues with new features and services.
MTS has realized numerous benefits, which include new services and applications that can be easily developed in the flexible service creation environment provided with Personeta's TappS NSC solution, accelerating time to market for new services.
Personeta TappS NSC provides service creation and delivery over any mix of network technology (fixed, mobile, VoIP and broadband) to enable converged services while supporting today's telecom network realities.
TappS NSC offers a single sign-on across multiple applications including voice, data and imaging while continuing to protect the security of SMB information and applications.