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TAQTheoretically Asked Question
TAQTete a Queue
TAQTrade and Quote Detail (New York Stock Exchange)
TAQTribunal Administratif du Québec (French: Administrative Tribunal of Quebec; Canada)
TAQTrade and Quote Database (Kellogg School of Management; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
TAQTotal Army Quality
TAQTerminus A Quo (starting point)
TAQTechnicien Auditeur Qualité (French: Technician Quality Auditor)
TAQTransient Airman Quarters
TAQTerminus ad Quiem (final or ending point)
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The expression vector with Taq DNA polymerase gene, developed in the present study, will certainly expand more avenues for heat-tolerant genetic transformation in plants.
Up to and including the first half of 2015, there was no cause for concern - the Taq Taq reservoirs were performing in line with expectations," Chief Executive Officer Murat Ozgul told Reuters.
In the presented study, we used the following DNA polymerases: Taq (NEB, USA), Tersus (Evrogen, Russia), Deep Vent (NEB, USA), Phusion (NEB, USA).
Some fields such as Taq Taq are actually producing their highest.
The lighter crudes from Taq Taq and Tawke until then used to be sent by land trucks but in much smaller quantities partly sold to Tupras for the Turkish market.
The ministry said in a statement today that it " denies the statements of the Black Diamond company that it has signed a contract for purchasing crude oil from Taq Taq field of oil and provide a new refiner that it is run by a Kurdish group affiliated to the private sector called the Rejwan company.
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is on track to finish the pipeline in the third quarter, linking Genel Energy's Taq Taq oilfield with an existing Iraq-Turkey crude pipeline, according to four Turkey-based industry sources.
When we were working in the Taq Taq oil field, we could see Americans bombing Kirkuk.
7,8) The TGFA gene has a restriction fragment length polymorphism when treated with Taq I restriction enzyme located in intron 5 that is 1,602 bp in the 5' direction of the exon 6 acceptor site.
Bina Bawi covers an area of 240 square km and is the adjacent block to Genel's producing oil field Taq Taq.
They include Taq Taq Taqiah, Wahda Wahda, Sabt Al-Sabut, Tar Al-Tair, Um Thalath, Dawama, Danana and Saba Hajar.