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TARAThe Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (UK)
TARATechnology and Action for Rural Advancement (India)
TARATroy Amateur Radio Association
TARATiger Analytical Research Assistant
TARATechnology Area Review and Assessment
TARAThe Absolute Reference Audio (TARA Labs)
TARATransportable Atmospheric Radar
TARATenant and Resident Associations (UK)
TARATelevision Aimed at Regional Audiences (India)
TARATool Assisted Requirements Analysis
TARATotal Articular Replacement Arthroplasty
TARATechnology Assessment and Requirements Analysis
TARATidewater Antique Radio Association
TARATwo-Axis Reference Assembly
TARATemporary Additional Responsibility Allowance (UK)
TARATorrance Amateur Radio Association (California)
TARAThreat and Risk Assessment (various organizations)
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But the party is well and truly over for former It-girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson.
The Tara fitting for the bathroom is available in the Black Edition, White Edition, platinum, matt platinum and chrome with a line of matching accessories.
Tara said: "It tends to be for older people but there are a lot of younger people doing it now.
Dwi'n tueddu i fynd yn 'bored' os dwi'n gwneud yr un peth drwy'r amser," chwardda Tara.
Logic in your own bathroom are provided in Tara Logic Premium Bathrooms, which contains numerous quotations from the worlds of fitness and Hi-tech.
When she came around, Tara couldn't speak and had to spell out words to her family at her bedside.
Tara had wandered out of her home and, after frantically searching for her, Nicholas found her limping up the drive.
The company manufactures and distributes custom-made, dosed-corner-solid-wood frames, as well as ready made, Tara was established in 1972 as Hy-Jo Picture Frames.
DARREN is disillusioned with Tara as he reveals she's been handing him raunchy notes.
Tara 2000 was jointly released by the AESs of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon and the USDA-ARS in April 2002.