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TASSOTransatlantic Air Safety Service Organization (US Navy)
TASSOTactical Special Security Office
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Decisamente diverso, quasi agli antipodi della relazione Calvino-Ariosto, risulta il rapporto tra Tasso e Giuliani.
In Italy, Tasso was the primary theorist to incorporate a discourse on the sublime into epic theory--a feat accomplished in the Discorsi del poema eroico, the culmination of thirty years of thought about the model epic poem.
Le Lettere poetiche, vale a dire le lettere che Tasso scrisse a proposito della revisione del poema nel biennio 1575-1576, rimangono la testimonianza piU significativa di questo processo, pur essendoci pervenute, al pari di altri lavori tassiani, solo in edizioni a stampa non avallate dall'autore.
I already knew his very original and typical work," German Tasso said of Halwani.
While Layng does not question the motives and behavior of the princess towards Tasso after his imprisonment, suggesting somewhat prophetically that her feelings could be described in "an Epistola Eroicha from Leonora to Tasso," in his account of the duel and its aftermath Duke Alfonso emerges as the real villain of the piece.
These sections survey the theorization of diplomatic practice in the early modern period, with discussion of Guicciardini, Machiavelli, More, Rabelais, Montaigne, Tasso, and Gentili.
With the arrival of Max Wickert's new verse translation, readers of Tasso in English are truly spoiled for choice.
Tasso worked in her dual capacity for WILPF for 16 years, during which she also wrote a regular column for Peace & Freedom on her work at the U.
With his various treatises Tasso attempted to redefine the Ariostan epic in terms of structure and content, preferring unity of action over the varied wanderings of romance and seriousness of tone over the often jocular nature of the Furioso.
3) In writing such a work, Tasso revealed the flowering of a new area of Renaissance cultural analysis, as he and other writers traced the classical origins of games, defended the utility of play, explained popular practices, and probed the social rituals of the ludic realm.
Sergio Zatti is one of the most admired scholars of Italian literature today, for his insights into Ariosto and Tasso, his cross-fertilization of Italian literary practices and Anglo-American theory, and his observations on the development of Italian and Western literature as a whole.
Kittlers ein Langsschnitt durch Goethes oeuvre gelegt, der durch vom Dichter selbst gesetzte Spuren gerechtfertigt ist: Goethe nannte Tasso einen gesteigerten Werther, adressierte das erste Gedicht der Trilogie der Leidenschaft an die fruhe Figur, um schliesslich der Elegie Verse des Tasso voranzustellen.