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TATATime and Time Again
TATAThere Are Thousands of Alternatives
TATATimiskaming Abitibi Trail Association (Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada)
TATATenth Anniversary Trans Am
TATAThymine Adenine Thymine Adenine (part of box binding protein)
TATATransanal Abdominal Transanal Radical Proctosigmoidectomy
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Tata was speaking to journalists on the sidelines of an event to announce a tie- up with online education platform Khan Academy under which the US- based non- profit organisation will create specialised tutorial content for India which can be accessed for free.
New Tata Construck commercial vehicles showcased at EXCON 2015 include:
Next, he revived THDC, the Tata housing outfit that had been in the doldrums, and won back for it the right to use the Tata name.
Tata Motors has developed a four-seater electric vehicle, based on the Tata Indica Vista which was launched in India last year.
The rumours around today would suggest that Tata now has the financial backing in place to increase its bid by between 7% and 10%.
Moments before the news broke, Mr Tata had spoken of his plans to integrate Corus into his family-owned firm and the prospect of selling British-made steel in Asia.
There are now more than three million Tata cars on the roads in India.
At Tata headquarters in downtown Mumbai, Gopalakrishnan expressed satisfaction with the agreement that Telco, the Tata Engineering company in Pune, had just reached with MG Rover cars in Britain.
This the Panel holds to be the case with the TM TATA and its corresponding service mark.
This is a historic moment for Tata Global Beverages and Starbucks," said R K Krishnakumar, Vice Chairman, Tata Global Beverages.
Furthermore, a globally diversified delivery model with presence across multiple near-shore and onshore locations makes Tata Technologies a preferred partner to organizations seeking global product development and engineering support.
As of end of FY2014-15 ended March 31, 2015, the consolidated debt of Tata Steel had stood at Rs.