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TATERSTrojan Air Transportable Electronic Reconnaissance System
TATERSTime and Travel Expense Reporting System
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Hungry Girl and the USPB invite you to enter the Guilt-Free Potato Goodness recipe contest on the Potatoes, Taters & Spuds Facebook page.
The surprising statistic that teenage calorie consumption has remained stable while obesity has burgeoned ("Teen taters, too," SN: 4/26/03, p.
Over 50 years Taters robbed the homes of the rich, art galleries and museums.
POTATO HEAD characters have been created, including TATERS OF THE LOST ARK and SPUD LIGHTYEAR.
Taters & Tops -Classic Tater tots with toppings include The Classic , featuring sour cream, chorizo and scallions; the Ball Park Tater , with hot dog, cheddar, taters and scallions; and the Sweet & Salty, with sweet taters, honey cream, cinnamon sugar and sea salt.
For about four years now I've trying to produce a good garden but nothing but quarter-size taters will grow.
So awaken your taste buds by tossing taters into your chili or split pea soup next time.
Said asterisk was later removed, but after Maris had died; Mark McGwire's 70 taters in 1998 later made it a moot point, but McGwire thoughtfully pointed out Maris' achievement in the process.
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