TBMDTheater Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTight-Binding Molecular Dynamics
TBMDTactical Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTerminal Ballistic Missile Defense
TBMDTechnology Base Medical
TBMDTraditional Bampton Morris Dancers (Oxfordshire dance team)
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Table 2 lists the values of BMC, TBMD, LSBMD, food intake, and biochemical markers of the patients.
Univariate and multivariate linear regressions were also used to determine the predictors of BMC, TBMD Z-score, and LSBMD Z-score for both periods of the study.
However, when Z-scores of LSBMD and TBMD were compared between T1 and T2, there was no improvement in LSBMD Z-score, while the TBMD Z-score actually worsened.
A secondary aim was to examine differences in calcium knowledge, TBMC and TBMD, between women meeting and not meeting the DRI for calcium.
Stepwise linear regression analyses were conducted to examine predictors of TBMC and TBMD.
Spain's F-100s could receive upgrades to their Aegis systems down the road to grant a TBMD capability as well, Rappisi said.
The sea-based terminal effort is the successor to an earlier effort to achieve such a capability that was called the Navy Area Defense (NAD) program or Navy Area TBMD (Theater BMD) program, and before that, the Sea-Based Terminal or Navy Lower Tier program.
It may be appropriate at this point to outline Russia's own TBMD actions that followed the Gulf War.
Despite European hostility to America's proposed NMD, Nato has offered two $15 million 18-month design study contracts for a TBMD system to cover the whole Continent.