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TEASTest of Essential Academic Skills
TEASTrademark Electronic Application System (US Patent and Trademark Office)
TEASTeacher Education Application Service
TEASThreat Expert Analysis System
TEASThe Essence of an Aspiring Sisterhood (Baruch College; New York, NY)
TEASTenants’ Energy Advice Service (Energy Conservation & SolarCentre; UK)
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Granted, on one condition -- that you permit me to make myself and my character quite familiar to you when tea is over.
Go to the sofa, then, and Ellen shall bring you some tea,' answered his uncle patiently.
Having looked at this extinct conflagration and shaken his head, he took my order: which, proving to be merely "Some tea for the lady," sent him out of the room in a very low state of mind.
Then manage so as you may stay tea, Priscilla," said Nancy, putting her hand on her sister's arm affectionately.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea.
Ribby put on her shawl and bonnet and went out again with a basket, to the village shop to buy a packet of tea, a pound of lump sugar, and a pot of marmalade.
It suddenly seemed to me that this commonplace, prosaic tea was horribly undignified and paltry after all that had happened, and I blushed crimson.
When the people of Boston heard that several cargoes of tea were coming across the Atlantic, they held a great many meetings at Faneuil Hall, in the Old South Church, and under Liberty Tree.
How convenient it would be," Lady Muriel laughingly remarked, a propos of my having insisted on saving her the trouble of carrying a cup of tea across the room to the Earl, "if cups of tea had no weight at all
Perhaps you would like some tea as soon as it can be got.
She asks Mimi and me to tea this afternoon at Diana's Grove, and hopes that you also will favour her.
Strickland, announcing my return, and had added that unless I heard from her to the contrary, I would come on a certain day to drink a dish of tea with her.