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Technetium-99 is a byproduct of plutonium weapons production and is considered a major U.
A whole-body technetium-99 bone scan showed increased uptake of the radioisotope by L1 vertebra and no other lesion elsewhere [Figure 3].
ETT is based on exercise induced membrane potential changes depicted on electrocardiography during calibrated exercise following standard protocols; while MPS is based on the delivery of a radiotracer (Thallium-201 or Technetium-99 m labelled radiopharmaceuticals) to a metabolically active substrate (myocardium) through an intact vascular system.
He reported on 1,020 women with an intermediate or high pretest likelihood of significant CAD who underwent EST along with technetium-99 sestamibi myocardial perfusion imaging.
British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), the government-owned company, may have decided to end discharges of technetium-99, or Tc-99, from its Sellafield reprocessing centres, but other types of radioactive material are being pumped into the sea, Greenpeace fumed on April 22.
Plant operator British Nuclear Fuels said the new waste-treatment process would slash the amount of technetium-99 pumped into the Irish Sea.
Radioactive discharges of technetium-99 into the Irish Sea from the Sellafield nuclear plant are to be cut by 90pc, it was announced.
Pollution watchdog the Environment Agency said British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) must reduce radioactive discharges of technetium-99 after successful tests for alternative disposal.
The reduction of technetium-99 into the Irish Sea will cut concentrations in the marine environment.
The lymphoscintigraphy was performed with a gamma probe after intracervical injection of radioactive technetium-99.
A 1,300-acre underground plume of Technetium-99 (a uranium-decay product) is migrating toward the Ohio River at the rate of several inches a day.
Environment Minister Margaret Beckett has asked BNFL to voluntarily stop discharging Technetium-99 from its nuclear waste processing plant at Sellafield,in Cumbria.
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