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TEECHTeacher Enhancement Electronic Community Hall (National Science Foundation; Virginia)
TEECHTelecoms Eastern European Challenge
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Primarily, following the seminal works of North (1981, 1990) and Rumelt, Schendel and Teech (1991), economists and international management scholars found macroeconomic factors may provide only a partial explanation of FDI location and that more attention should be focused on the influence of institutions on FDI decisions (Disdier & Mayer, 2004; Dunning, 2006; Hall & Jones, 1999; Henisz, 2000; Jensen, 2003; Knack & Keifer, 1995; Mauro, 1995; Mayer, 2001; Madambi & Navarra, 2002; Rodrik, Subramania & Trebbi, 2004; Sethi, Guisinger, Ford & Phelan, 2002).
In France, in the 1630s, a refined man named Armand Jean du Plessis (better known as Duc de Richelieu, chief minister to Louis XIII) got tired of watching people stabbing their knives and daggers into chunks of food and then at the end of the meal picking their teech with the sharp ends of their daggers, which was customary.
Santa Barbara, University of California, Project TEECh (Technology Effectiveness with Exceptional Children).