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TELNETTelephone Network
TELNETTelecommunications Network
TELNETNetwork Virtual Terminal Protocol (Internet)
TELNETTeletypewriter Network
TELNETTeleconferencing Network
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Pragma Telnet and SSH servers are SAPConsole compliant and are widely used in supply chain management and data warehousing systems worldwide.
Pragma's implementation of the secure shell and telnet protocol allow for seamless and efficient deployment across a variety of enterprise infrastructure and cloud computing environments.
Pragma is an industry leader in Secure Shell and Telnet technology and offers the most popular SSH and Telnet servers for Windows, as well as industrial-grade SSH clients for handhelds via Pragma PocketVT.
DRA was a library automation vendor, and before the Library of Congress itself opened up LOCIS via the Internet, DRA provided telnet access (originally at dra.
When in-band connectivity is possible, a console server will allow simple connections via telnet direct to a device's console, providing the network manager with direct interfacing to that device.
Similar to telnet is file transfer protocol (FTP),(5) which allows users to transfer files from one computer to another.
mobileWeb by telnet has all of the tools you need to empower your change.
With the Intel AppUp Small Business Service, customers will soon have the ability to download a variety of other applications, soon to include Pragma's Telnet and SSH server offerings on demand on a subscription basis allowing the capability of turning "on" or "off" a server's key remote access and file transfer capabilities.
The event is a "citizen initiative" launched by Telnet and it will be organised in association with Tunisian skills, large international companies and Tunisian and foreign researchers and scientists, Mr.
TelNet and DigitalRealm have enjoyed a long standing relationship, and the timing was right for us to come together," said Patrick O'Leary, TelNet CEO.
This opens a telnet screen, which enables users to access a given server and perform server management functions like restarting applications and cleaning storage.
Ad-Hoc Diagnostics: Enables quick, accurate remote diagnoses of both standard and proprietary operating systems and applications, including Windows, UNIX and Linux, using a wide variety of protocols such as Telnet, SSH, SNMP, TL-1, WMI, FTP.