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TDSTotal Dissolved Solids
TDSTechnical Data Sheet
TDSTax Deducted at Source
TDSThe Dark Side
TDSThe Daily Show
TDSTrump Derangement Syndrome
TDSTeens in the Driver Seat (safety program)
TDSTedious (internet slang)
TDSTenancy Deposit Scheme (UK)
TDSTokyo Disney Sea (amusement park)
TDSThe Dispute Service (est. 2003; tenant disputes; UK)
TDSTabular Data Stream
TDSTechnical Diagnostic Services (Fort Worth, TX)
TDSTechnology Development Strategy (US DoD Joint Capabilities Integration Development System)
TDSTripod Data Systems
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TDSTop Drive System (petroleum industry)
TDSTime Data Security (various locations)
TDSTivoli Directory Server
TDSTechnical Data Server
TDSTagged Delimited String
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TDSTransactional Data Solutions
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TDSTivoli Decision Support
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TDSThe Downward Spiral (Nine Inch Nails album)
TDSTelephone & Data Systems, Inc.
TDSTotal Dissolved Salts
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TDSTime-Domain Spectroscopy
TDSTrial Defense Service
TDSTransdermal System
TDSTie Down System (device)
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TDSTotal Diet Survey (US FDA)
TDSTactical Data System
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TDSTechnical Development Services (various organizations)
TDSTop-Down Solutions (car parts)
TDSTeatro Del Sole (Italian: Theatre Of The Sun)
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TDSThe Distribution Solution (UK)
TDSTelephone Directory Service (Australia)
TDSTime Delay Spectrometry
TDSTomsoft Diary System (software)
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TDSThermal Desorption Spectrometry
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TDSTer Die Sumendum (to be taken 3 times a day; prescription marking)
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TDSTelecommunications & Data Systems
TDSTraining Decision System
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TDSTest Description Sheet
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TDSTraining Development Service
TDSTraining Development Section
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TDSTechnology Direction Statement (Sprint)
TDSTemporal Data System
TDSTechnical Documentation Set
TDSTraffic Data Studies System (Sprint)
TDSTime Demand Satisfied (real-time scheduling)
TDSTransient Diffusion-Sublimination
TDSTape Duplication System
TDSTravel Design Studio (travel agent; Bergamo, Italy)
TDSTotal Distance Separation
TDSTest and Diagnostic Service
TDSTechnique Développement Services (French: Technical Development Services; France)
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IF you have an assured shorthold tenancy your deposit must be protected in a tenancy deposit scheme until you move out of the property.
Landlords are also required to protect tenants deposits, received after 1 April 2013, in an approved tenancy deposit scheme.
Since 2007, landlords have been required to put your deposit in a government-backed Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).
One of many online complaints posted by a landlord read: "Not only has Darren Briggs not registered my tenant's deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, he was of course also charging me a sum of money to be in the scheme.
Agents should be able to demonstrate how they comply with industry best practice; for instance, they should have Client Money Protection, be members of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) and be part of a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
You'll need landlord and buildings insurance and will also have tenancy deposit scheme and assured shorthold tenancy fees.
Lisa Frampton AIF you have an assured shorthold tenancy your deposit must be protected in a tenancy deposit scheme until you move out of the property.
Prosecutors said the offending began in October 2011, when Bradbury failed to register tenants' deposits in a tenancy deposit scheme.
The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has awarded 1 Agreement for the Custodial Tenancy Deposit Scheme Legacy Pool and 2 Agreements for the Custodial Tenancy Deposit Scheme New Business.
To help avoid disputes get details on the Tenancy Deposit Scheme from your landlord, including a copy of the deposit protection certificate signed by him or her.
On renting a home out a landlord must place any deposit or bond taken - usually a month's rent or just over - into an independent Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).