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TRIGTenancy Reform Industry Group (agriculture)
TRIGTourism Review and Implementation Group (UK)
TRIGTidewater Real Estate Investor Group
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A Defra survey earlier this year suggested many tenant farmers felt to support the CFE because restrictions placed upon them by their the Tenancy Reform Industry Group, said: "Tenants need to explain effectively what the Campaign is and how can benefit the landlord by supporting it.
A recent report by the Tenancy Reform Industry Group to the Government emphasised the importance of county farms in offering a route into the industry for those who might not otherwise pursue a farming career.
Most proposals by the Tenancy Reform Industry Group to boost the tenant farm sector have been accepted by Defra, including changes to legislation.
CLA president William Worsley said: "The CLA, through the Tenancy Reform Industry Group, have engaged in sorting out the tenure problems arising from the change.
The Tenancy Reform Industry Group (Trig) report, is in response to Curry Commission recommendations and an economic evaluation by Plymouth University.
The TFA and the Tenancy Reform Industry Group have joined forces to make guidelines for landowners, tenants and graziers to help them reduce the number of problems it says they are likely to face because of the new uplands scheme.
The reinstatement of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG) - an industry-wide initiative which will tackle the need for tenancy reform where it is found that certain aspects of current legislation might be presenting obstacles to the diversification of farm businesses occupying let land and buildings - is being backed by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).
It is a major disappointment that despite the agreement that exists on the fiscal changes that should be implemented, as expressed through the Tenancy Reform Industry Group, the Government fails to recognise the need for change.
A cross-industry code of practice on the matter, drawn up by the Tenancy Reform Industry Group, states that such practices are unfair and that farm tenants should be provided with fair compensation for any entitlements given up at the end of tenancies, reflecting their true value.
In a letter to the chairman of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group, Lord Rooker said that after only 12 months operation of the scheme, the lack of take-up means that funding will be redirected elsewhere.
The changes are the culmination of the work of the Tenancy Reform Industry Group and reflect its recommendations to Government on the way forward on tenancy reform.
TFA chief executive George Dunn said: "The process of agreeing the necessary legislative changes amongst the farming and landowning organisations was completed by the Tenancy Reform Industry Group in May 2003.