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When he hears that Antiochus and his daughter have been burned to death by the gods, Pericles and Thaisa head to Tyre.
Fortunately Thaisa and Marina have both miraculously survived and the little family is reunited, albeit with 14 years of memories lost.
Much of its first hour is now believed to be more likely the work of one George Wilkins than Shakespeare, and we are distracted from the thinness of the text by some frantic activity, including the comical tournament among rivals for the hand of the princess Thaisa.
In its fifth act Diana appears to Pericles, carrying her silver bow; she instructs him to go to her temple in Ephesus and there Pericles relates the death of his wife Thaisa and the birth of their daughter:
Then it's on to Tarsus, where Pericles rids the land of famine, and to Pentapolis, where he marries King Simonides' daughter, Thaisa (Emily Heebner).
Thaisa Storchi Bergmann is being honored for her work leading to the understanding of massive black holes, one of the most enigmatic and complex phenomena of the universe: she was the first researcher to discover that matter could escape from black holes.
Morris will be sadly missed by his family, daughter Pam and her husband Sean, David and Renu, Fiona and Shawn and great grandchildren Thaisa, Brandon, Amber, Luca, Lucy, Ciara and Daniel.
36) Perhaps because of its connection to Paul, Ephesus itself is coupled with predestination in Shakespeare's mind: in Errors, the brothers' final reunion occurs by the chance that we saw Calvin call the secret impulse of God; in this play, an even more extravagant coincidence brings Marina and Thaisa back to Pericles.
Kelsey Laird, Courtney Lanza, Haley Latta, Tyler Leach, Saira Linton, Sean Lloyd, Josh Lohrke, Tanisha Lowry, Kyle Lyche, Adam Martin, Andrew Mauer, Jessica McDonnell, Danielle McMains, Katie McMains, Kate McMullan, Nathan Marshall, Derek Medina, Levi Meline, Chrys Menchue, Andrew Messenger, Cassie Messerle, Coleman Metzler, Ernesto Meza, Jesse Meza, Bryn Miller, Cody Millican, Michoe Montgomery, Bridgette Moore, Andrew Morris, Alyssa Mulkey, Emily Nauman, Ethen Nordholm, Jamie Osborne, Andrew Oswald, Thaisa Pacheco, Eric Park, Dustin Parkhurst, Ashly Parrish, Shelby Paulson, Danyel Peckumn, Whitney Pederson, David Perrin, Jacob Petrie, Klarisa Philips, Sean Phillips-Maine, Anna Pocza, Adam Porter, Ryan Post, Kyle Potter, Leandra Pruett,
Rather than force Thaisa to "frame" her "will" to his own, Simonides gives his "consent" to a marriage "agreed" upon by husband and wife that also happens to "agree" with his own desires.
In Shakespeare's Pericles the first prince to woo the princess Thaisa bears upon his shield the image of an Ethiop reaching toward the sun with the motto, "Lux tua vita mihi" (Your light is life to me) (1.