THASTelephone Health Advisory Service
THASThoracoabdominal Syndrome
THASTony Hancock Appreciation Society
THASTony Hawk American Skateland (game)
THASTower Hamlets Alcohol Service (UK)
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So far, most investigations focusing on a comparison of range of motion between conventional THA and HR have been in vitro studies (using computer modeling or a three-dimensional compass) measuring the maximum potential range of motion solely based on impingement of the prosthetic components and the surrounding bony structures.
When compared with other medical interventions, the cost to quality-adjusted life years ratio for THA is almost unparalleled.
Tha had a hard start, aye that's true But that just went t'make a man o'you And lahke missen thi mum wo tain And just lahke me tha felt the pain But tha carried on and made a life And later on tha took a wife Tha begat four children that loved thi dear And through their life tha did steer.
The study was a cross-sectional design, and 22 unilateral THA subjects and 38 community-dwelling older adults participated.
Wavecrest's decision to integrate Inphi's GigaTrack THAs throughout their SIA product line underscores the industry's rapid acceptance of these devices as the new standard in speed and high bandwidth performance among track-and-hold devices," said Kevin Nary, vice president of engineering at Inphi Corporation.
These two studies, by Ball and coworkers (27) and McGrath and associates, (28) assessed the concept that revisions of resurfacings are comparable to primary THAs.
Tha Radio nan Gaidheal mar chnaimh-droma agus cuislean ar saoghail.
Tha an t-or dubh air a bhith cudromach agus connspaideach bhon latha sin a-mach.
Tha iad air faisg air sin a chosg air caisteal eile, Caisteal Leodhais os coinn bhaile Steornabhaigh, gus a thoirt air ais mar a bha e nuair a thog Seumas MacMhathain e.
Tha sreath de dh'oighreachdan coimhearsachd a-nis air feadh na Gaidhealtachd is nan eilean.
Sin direach aon rud air liosta fada de rudan a tha Alexander air cosnadh dhan sgire aige agus e san riaghaltas.
Ach tha connspaid air eirigh le mar a tha Comhairle nan Eilean air inbhe Gaidhlig a thoirt dha sgoiltean far a bheil Gaidhlig agus Beurla air an tabhann taobh ri taobh.