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THASOSThasios Oribatikos Syllogos (Greek Hiking Club)
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Not only had the Athenians crushed rebels, like Thasos and Samos, time and time again, thus demonstrating what would happen to the victims of their power.
This has, of course, immediate implications for the dating of the Ragusan statue, which could on this evidence not have been installed during Cyriacus's sojourn in Dubrovnik between 1443 and early 1444 but only after his crucial discovery made on Thasos on 10 November 1444.
Association president Thasos Athanasiou said last year the leaving certificate included the child's place of birth, their surname and the name of the father.
The ancient city of Thasos (also known as Limenas), situated on the north edge of the island of Thasos, was an important site of the Greek world (Figure 1).
Artifacts under study include Athenian, Hellenistic, Aegean and Rhodian amphora and those from Sinope and Thasos, Mithridatic coins, a monumental building at Panskoe I and a royal grave.
AS FIRES continue to blaze across western Russia and around Moscow, the lack of travel advice from the government has caused uncertainty among Cypriots intending to travel there, Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) Executive Director Thasos Katsourides said yesterday.
Regarding the contacts of the Cyclades and the activities of their inhabitants during the Late Neolithic period, the similarities in pottery to both the Dodecanese and Euboia, the presence of Melian obsidian in these areas from the very beginning of this period, the northern affinities of the gold strip from the Neolithic stratum of the Zas cave on Naxos, and the occurrence in Thasos of Late Neolithic pottery evocative of the southern Aegean, all suggest that the seafarers of the Cyclades may have had more intensive activity than is usually believed and have played an active role in the circulation of products and ideas around the Aegean coasts already from this early period.
ACTA general manager Thasos Katsourides said enrichment projects, which add value to the tourist product, like casinos, marinas and theme parks were being delayed.
Selective deposition of thigh bones has also been noted, however, in a funerary context at Early Iron Age Theologos on Thasos (Halstead & Jones 1992).
ACTA Executive Director Thasos Katsourides said that CY had agreed to take back just 10 per cent of the pre-booked seats, and that his association had tried unsuccessfully to push CY for at least a further 15 per cent, "to share the loss evenly between the travel agents and Cyprus Airways".
Among other features of note, outside Athens the only sites receiving a significant proportion of their pottery in the form of lekanides are Naukratis and Tocra, and the only sites receiving a significant proportion of their pottery in the form of skyphoi are Perachora and Aigina; Kavala and Thasos in the north [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 8 OMITTED] Aegean both predominantly receive kylikes with lekanides the next most popular shape; Tell Sukas in the Levant has a preference for krateres and hydriai, unparalleled elsewhere.
Thasos Katsourides the Executive Director of ACTA, said Cypriots tended to book their holidays right after the Kataklysmos weekend in June.