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The whole of his behaviour," replied Elinor, "from the beginning to the end of the affair, has been grounded on selfishness.
The muleteers, who had no idea of a joke and did not understand all this about battles and spoils, seeing that Don Quixote was some distance off talking to the travellers in the coach, fell upon Sancho, knocked him down, and leaving hardly a hair in his beard, belaboured him with kicks and left him stretched breathless and senseless on the ground; and without any more delay helped the friar to mount, who, trembling, terrified, and pale, as soon as he found himself in the saddle, spurred after his companion, who was standing at a distance looking on, watching the result of the onslaught; then, not caring to wait for the end of the affair just begun, they pursued their journey making more crosses than if they had the devil after them.
Indeed my courage had begun to rise so high that I allowed myself a few darting thoughts on what would be the end of the affair, and while I saw certainly that I could spin it out for long, I saw no hope of any ultimate escape.
THE END OF THE AFFAIR | (1999) Her second Oscar nod came for playing the object of Ralph Fiennes' obsession in this Graham Greene adaptation.
THe eND oF THe AFFAir yesterday 9PM Ralph Fiennes looks back in anger at his wartime affair with Julianne Moore in Graham Greene's moving story of desire and the price to be paid for keeping a pact.
The End of the Affair (Sky Movies Drama & Romance, 10.
The End of the Affair Sky Movies Drama & Romance, 10.
British actor, whose films include The English Patient, Red Dragon, The End of the Affair, Quiz Show and Schindler's List.
Next, she considers the seemingly inconsistent morals of Sarah Miles in The End of the Affair.
Jake's Heggie's The End of the Affair is less than a year old, but already has played in Houston, Madison and now, in its third and final version (the composer assures us), at Seattle Opera, where it was directed with knowing theatrical flair by Leonard Foglia.
The End of the Affair has always provoked its readers.
First Neil Jordan brought Greene's The End of the Affair to the big screen in 1999 with Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore, then Phillip Noyce offered a fresh translation of The Quiet American, starring Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser.